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    Can a Leader Have Both?

    Success and Fulfillment

    I had to lose everything – my fortune, business, property, and community to discover the answer. The answer lead me to rebuild a sustainable, enriching and prosperous life I had never imagined possible.

    Please learn more by perusing my website and listening to my video.

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  • The Business of Wanting More

    Being Successful Can Be…
    Your Undoing

    Brian Gast’s book The Business of Wanting More: Why Some Executives Move from Success to Fulfillment and Other Don’t, is based on his astonishing story.

    Like most entrepreneurs, Brian Gast lived in a Bubble—a Bubble that influenced his decisions and actions. A Bubble that lead to delusions of grandeur and compounding mistakes. When he finally pierced it, his newly




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Leadership Posts

Create the Organization Your Heart Knows is Possible

Everything I learned about creating an employee-focused corporate culture I learned while working for a large New York bank in the late eighties. When I became a CEO in the nineties, I recalled my experience working for the bank. I took note of its training, leadership and HR strategies . . . and did the […]

Biggest Mistakes of first-time CEOs

This is from consultant Edwin Miller who runs a company that offers values and other assessment tools to F1000 companies. I like this list as it shows important distinctions. It also shows what it takes to be effective. It is challenging and takes special talent and experience to step into this role. And of course […]

How to Save America: Are You a Courageous Leader?

The FDA announced today that businesses can no longer put trans-fats in the food they make and sell. The reason? The head of the FDA said it will save at least 7,000 preventable deaths each year. I don’t feel moved to say this very often about government agencies but, “Thank you.” I not only want […]

Work/Life Balance Posts

How to Balance Work and Life

I recently was a guest blogger on Inspiyr.com – a cool site dedicated to being healthy, happy and successful. I had a little different take on the topic of work/life balance. There’s nothing wrong with working or working hard. What causes the unintended collateral damage for some high-achievers is their unconscious relationship with work. Too […]

Executive Development: What’s the Meaning of Life?

“Success is never final; failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts.” ~ John Wooden Wooden is the Patron Saint of the Fulfillment Factor. By that I mean, lead with fulfillment and success will follow. In this quote he is saying “don’t focus on the outcome, focus on how you do things, on who you […]

Executives Looking for Fulfillment? Go for 3rd Place

In 1995, a study was carried out by Victoria Medvec (Kellogg prof and YPO resource and negotiation guru) and Scott Madey and Thomas Gilovich on the effects of  winning an Olympic medal. The study showed that athletes who won the bronze medal were significantly happier with their winning than those athletes who won the silver medal. The […]

Personal Growth Posts

How Do You Define Success?

How do you define success, for yourself as well as others? Success is exciting and feels powerful – operating with high standards can be exhilarating. Reaping the rewards of success in business opens opportunities that money and time can afford. Oftentimes, we define success as our status relative to others. However you define it, success […]

Shame: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I always saw myself as confident. Yet my confidence was hiding a deeper truth about me. The real truth was buried under titles, roles, wealth, trappings of success, and my Impression Management competency. I could instantly create any number of highly-sophisticated ways to perpetually jockey for position in the minds of those I most wanted […]

How to Leave a Meaningful Legacy

The day I turned fifty, the passage of time seemed to speed up. I started seeing expiration dates on relationships and activities I had assumed would last forever. What is it about midlife? It kicks up questions that no independent, high-achiever ever thought to ponder. Our original equipment seems to include a sensor that is […]