Humanity is experiencing a global rite of passage. Such experiences have a distinct three-stage pattern that is referred to as “the hero’s/heroine’s journey.” I will send you tools and sustenance intended to fit the current stage we are in.

The first stage is the descent, when we are separated from our creature comforts and our family and community, we are confused and frustrated, and we lose the ego power of status and reputation. Then comes the ordeal, when we experience the fear of darkness and uncertainty that come with being in the “belly of the beast,” we wrestle with our demons, and we may have to fight for our life while at the same time getting a glimpse of a new vision for our life. And finally we enter the stage of integration, when we are transformed and redeemed and see things differently because we are different, we find strength, and are guided by a new mission that is more about giving than getting.

Rites of passage are not bad things. They are experiences that can set in motion big jumps in consciousness and maturity while leading to greater levels of peace and fulfillment. Let’s do more than survive and problem-solve. Let’s glean all that we can from this period.

While in the descent stage of the journey I hope you watch this 12-minute video in which I demonstrate four techniques you can use to make the journey a little easier. These effective and easy to use tools will boost your immune system, calm your nervous system and keep you more emotionally grounded during the next month while we are all hanging out in our separate spaceships.