A Clear Vision and the Right Pathways Generate Extraordinary Results

Accelerate your greatness through our All-Quadrant Visioning Process

Are you too buried by everyday life to know if you’re on the path to a fulfilling life? Our innovative All Quadrant Visioning Process empowers you to step out of your personal movie to see if you’re truly experiencing the passion, meaning and abundance you seek.

All high-performance leaders take time to update their personal development plan—and you should too. Brian Gast’s All-Quadrant Visioning Process could be exactly what you need if you are:

  • Contemplating a dynamic change in your life
  • Seeking greater clarity in your professional/personal life
  • Looking to energize your career and define your life’s mission
  • Building your leadership skills to further increase your influence
  • Developing a plan to leave a lasting legacy

In your intensive visioning session Brian will guide you in developing a clear course for core areas of your life, and create focused pathways that will convert your vision to reality. He will also inventory your strengths and blind spots by examining your life from four fundamental perspectives:

  • What you do
  • How you think
  • How you feel
  • Who you are

Establish Strong Intentions for a Compelling Future

When your life’s in transition, it’s important to know if you’re on a course that will lead you to experiencing things that are truly important to you. During your two and a half-hour one-on-one session* you will:

  • Develop an inspiring vision and set key life and professional goals
  • Create several pathway strategies for making your vision your everyday life
  • Gain understanding into blocks or shadows that have or can derail you
  • Benefit from personalized coaching that will illuminate or clear core blocks
  • Build a list of custom fieldwork assignments that may include personal practices, action items and resource referrals.

*Sessions via Skype or in person.

Set Your Foundation for Fulfillment and Success

To create momentum and lay the framework for your individually-tailored sessions, prior to meeting with Brian you will be required to complete:

  • Whole Life Inventory – identifies and prioritizes what is and isn’t working in your life
  • Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument – profiles your thinking style and preferences
  • Enneagram Type Testing – illustrates core patterns, yearnings, values and common blind spots
  • Key Stakeholder Interviews (optional) – serves as a rich source of awareness-building feedback

Measuring Progress and Initial Results

Approximately 60 days after your sessions you will enjoy a 30-minute phone call with Brian to:

  • Report on strides you’ve made in achieving your legacy-building goals
  • Discuss changes you’ve implemented that are leading to a more fulfilling life
  • Discover additional changes or corrections you can make to achieve your goals

This is a great opportunity to be accountable to yourself, make refinements and learn about new resources that can support and accelerate your growth.

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To experience the joy, confidence and meaning that comes with knowing you’re on a course to fulfillment and aligned with your genius, email or call us today at 303-707-1340.