About Quadrant

Quadrant Corp is a leader in the delivery of innovative executive coaching, leadership development and team alignment programs. Brian Gast founded Quadrant in 2001 to bridge the gap between the world of personal growth work and traditional leadership development programs.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

The foundation for Quadrant programs is the Q7 Process, a unique approach that transcends traditional coaching and training programs. Gast was a successful entrepreneur and CEO of three companies, one publicly traded, and twice lost a multi-million dollar fortune—including one loss of over $50 million.

His journey to understand why and how his success caused his undoing, lead to the development of the transformational Q7 Process.

Utilizing the Q7 Process, Quadrant clients expand their skills, self-knowledge and self-awareness to achieve unprecedented success and fulfillment. Combining inner work with outer realities, the Q7 Process helps individuals and teams break their bubble of self-limiting beliefs and distorted views. The result is a profound shift in self-understanding that yields fast and lasting results.

Who We Work With

We work with senior level executives in mid-sized companies (typically more than 100 employees) and mid-level to senior executives at Fortune 1000 companies. The leaders we work with are high-achieving and technically strong and seek additional communication and relationship skills and want to expand their leadership capacity. Some of these leaders are navigating a transition such as taking on additional responsibility, changing roles or changing reporting relationships. Others are upwardly mobile leaders who are committed to increasing their personal awareness and leadership skills.

Quadrant clients include Fortune 1000 — such as Roche Pharmaceuticals, Cisco Systems Inc., and DeVry, Stryker Corporation — to mid-sized, regional companies. Through its relationship with Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), Quadrant works with high-achieving mid-life executives navigating personal and professional transitions.

Quadrant Service Offerings Include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Alignment Facilitation
  • YPO Forum Training and Retreat Facilitation
  • Enneagram Training