About Brian Gast


Brian Gast is a former CEO who managed three fast-growth telecommunications companies before becoming an executive coach. He is a certified forum facilitator for YPO, is a YPO member, has a Master’s in Business Administration, is certified to teach and coach using the Enneagram and is a Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network. Beyond merely helping them be more successful, Brian is equally dedicated to helping leaders live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Since launching Quadrant Corp. in 2001, Brian has become a highly sought-after executive coach and trusted advisor to business leaders of Fortune 1000 companies and mid-sized private companies as well as entrepreneurs. His clients have included Polycom Corporation, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd., Clear Channel Communications, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., DeVry Inc., The Walt Disney Company, Covidien, Inc., and Stryker Corporation.

Brian developed an innovative and life-altering Q7 Process that he uses in his work with executives. Brian tells his very personal story and outlines the details of the Q7 Process in his book, The Business of Wanting More: Why Some Executives Move from Success to Fulfillment…and Others Don’t. The unique approach of the Q7 Process connects inner work with the outer realities of business; breaks the bubble of limiting beliefs, which are barriers to effectiveness, success, and happiness; and introduces the skills and practices needed to become a strategic leader.

Brian also works with teams and groups of senior managers to increase performance and decrease drama and inefficiency. Brian does this by building connection and trust, surfacing and resolving conflict, and creating alignment and accountability. His Top Team Alignment Process helps team members deepen their relationships and communication skills in order to more fully commit to a powerful shared vision for producing superior results.

A powerful tool that Brian uses with his coaching clients, teams, and YPO groups is the Enneagram. The Enneagram helps leaders understand the prime motives for their best and worst behaviors so they can make more conscious choices. As a leader’s understanding of their personality structure increases, they are free to interrupt old, unconscious habits and limiting aspects of their personality. Managers can break through to new levels of leadership and relationship effectiveness and well-being.

Brian has extensive training and certification in the areas of coaching, personal growth, and small group facilitation. He is a certified forum facilitator for YPO, is a YPO member, has a Master’s in Business Administration, is certified to teach and coach using the Enneagram, is a long-time Zen student, has received a Certificate in Positive Psychology from Kripalu/Tal Ben-Shahar, and is a graduate of The Rohr Institute’s Living School, a program for aspiring modern-day mystics; together with his wife Tricia, Brian is trained to coach couples by The Gottman Institute. Brian lives in Denver, Colorado with Tricia, his wife of over 26 years. They have two young-adult children as well as a Portuguese Water Dog named Bodhi and a Tibetan Terrier named Tess.