Become a Dynamic Four-Dimensional Leader

Awaken Your Power to Set a Clear Vision
and Generate Exceptional Results

Do you have a strong feeling inside that you have the potential to become a more effective and influential leader?

If you do, now is the perfect time to act and set a crystal-clear vision that paves the way for you to achieve greater success by leading more—and doing LESS.

Using his proven Q7 Process, Executive Coach Brian Gast will help you unleash your power to develop pathways that lead to greater passion, accomplishment and inner fulfillment.

You will also apply Brian’s Quadrant Leadership Model to expand your effectiveness as an influencer who more easily achieves personal and career goals. This highly-personalized, eight-session telecourse combines an innovative blend of:

  • Practical tools and models
  • Exercises and peer discussions
  • Live, personalized coaching
  • Between-session homework

Experience Greater Satisfaction and Financial Success

Become a Dynamic Four-Dimensional Leader is ideal for those who truly have a strong desire to:

  • Expand their strategic thinking processes
  • Increase their influence and leadership management skills
  • Eliminate negative beliefs and derailing blind spots
  • Achieve greater confidence, clarity and vision
  • Make an important career change from a position of courage
  • Leverage the opportunity within a new career position
  • Free up more time and energy for passion pursuits away from work
  • Eradicate feelings of overload and uncertainty

To ensure a powerful experience, this innovative program is limited to the first nine participants.

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Enjoy 8 Weeks of Exhilarating Personal Growth and Expansion

Week 1 – The Four Quadrant Model

  • Learn about the four dimensions of an influential leader

Week 2 – Your Personal Development Plan

  • Assess your leadership strengths and areas for greater development

Week 3 – Create Your Vision

  • Use your vision and clarity to attract your desired outcomes

Week 4 – Remove Blocks to Success

  • Eliminate blind spots or habits that derail career effectiveness

Week 5 – Change Limiting Beliefs

  • Identify unconscious thoughts and stories that hold you back

Week 6 – Engage Support

  • Leverage accountability partners and peer groups to experience your potential

Week 7 – Personal Practices

  • Adopt a powerful mix of consistent and persistent practices to keep you effective

Week 8 – Integration

  • Craft and implement your roadmap for continued success!

This program is offered as warranted by demand and spaces fill up fast once we announce the next start date. Please contact us to find out when the next course will be offered.


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This powerful, innovative program is limited to the first nine participants and it will fill up fast. To assure your spot, sign up today for the low investment of only $995.

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