The Most Important Thing to Know about Yourself

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There is the mud, and there is the lotus that grows out of the mud. We need the mud in order to make the lotus. —Thich Nhat Hanh One of my favorite communication starters I use on YPO and corporate team retreats takes the form of a fill-in-the-blank statement: Sometimes I pretend _____ when the truth about me is ______. It is an invitation to get real and to out yourself and the way you jockey for acceptance and approval when the truth about you is you are feeling insecure and unworthy. The best part of the exercise is when everyone realizes that we are all playing this game. When the person you thought had it all together reveals that […]

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How to Create Outcomes You Want

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The Paradox of Goal Setting in a Predetermined Universe

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Say not, “I have found the path of the soul”. Say rather, “I have met the soul walking upon my path”. For the soul walks upon all paths. –Kahil Gilbran I am increasingly aware that we have very limited control of the future and yet I see a lot of value in setting goals in order to better align ourselves with reality and experience greater flow, presence and aliveness. In this 5+ minute clip I talk about shifting perspective as a way to prepare for 2023 and include a simple 4 step process for goal setting. I am also including a link to a 10 minute video in which I teach a visioning process that you can use to prepare […]

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The Problem is You: How to Track the Impact You’re Having on Others

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Leaders are often the last to appreciate the impact they are having on their team and organization. In this 6 minute video I talk about the two big factors that create this common blind spot and describe a two-step process that will reduce it and facilitate systemic change.

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How to Access More Wisdom and Happiness

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This is the third in three part series of video blogs focused on understanding the nature of your mind in order to increase self-mastery. In this 6 minute video I talk about how to access and cultivate wisdom and tune out overused parts of your mind. I also touch on the idea that awareness is something we receive versus create and it’s what we do with that awareness that makes the difference between suffering or happiness.

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Do You Want More Peace and Performance? Stop Playing the Comparison Game

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This is the 2nd in a 3 part series on how to have greater self-mastery by deepening your understanding of your mind. One of your mind’s favorite games to play is the comparison game. In this 6.5 minute video I explain why the mind does this and how to break this habit and replace it with a perspective that is more satisfying and grounding.

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Letting go of Expectations Using the Power of Nonattachment

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Have you ever found yourself overly invested in a person, circumstance or outcome you can’t control? Most of what we think we can influence or control is an illusion yet we naturally cling to the past or future and miss what’s unfolding in the present. This video is one of a three part series on developing greater self-mastery by deepening your understanding of your mind and sort of hacking into it to interrupt unproductive patterns such as expectations, comparisons and judgements. In this 7 minute video I talk about how dualistic thinking dominates our mind and how to step off the emotional roller coaster ride created by our attachments and expectations and live in the flow of the present.

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Are we Headed in the Right Direction?

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Leaders need to not just remain calm under fire they need to excel under fire. That’s challenging when you are being inundated with information and so much of it seems negative. In this 8 minute video I talk about the fickle nature of our mind and two sure-fire ways to tame it. You might like the Zen story and, beware, I am up to my old tricks in this one.

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The Truth Will Set You Free: Understanding the Relationship Between History and Well-Being

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If you know your history Then you would know where you coming from Then you wouldn’t have to ask me Who the heck do I think I am. –  From Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley   Your Family Story Ripples Through Time Knowing the dynamics of your unique family history can explain patterns of behaviors, relationships within the family and ways members compensate for their pain. Our families are as dysfunctional as their secrets. Surfacing the shadowy behavior and history we’d rather avoid or deny reduces the risk that these old patterns will be repeated. Therefore, it’s important to understand your complete family history as objectively as you can and as far back as you can. You want to know […]

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The Problem with Success

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I was recently a guest on a podcast called A Day in a Canoe.   This show was created by Nathan Mersereau, a YPO member and owner of Planning Alternatives, a Midwest wealth management firm. Nathan interviews people with whom he would look forward to spending a day in a canoe.  Like me, Nathan is committed to helping his clients make more than just money. We want to others build multiple forms of wealth, especially the forms that lead to greater fulfillment. Check out our 16-minute conversation and learn why many high achievers miss the mark and focus on things that lead them away from what they want the most.

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