Client Testimonials

  • The last six months working with you will, I believe, be one of the best investments that I have ever made. I was stuck in a rut, holding myself back, and not having much fun. You have wonderful gifts of perception, revelation, and reparation. I am very fortunate to have received your truly fine counsel.
    Managing Partner
    Investment Banking Firm
  • The coaching session with you was a pivot moment for my wife and me. In just a few days since we have experienced deep breakthroughs in areas that have been embedded individually and as a couple for decades. We both appreciate your guidance on this amazing journey.
    Owner of mid-west wealth management firm
  • Unlike other leadership seminars I have attended, Brian’s guidance as a coach, teacher and facilitator provided me with a unique experience of emotional and intellectual self-discovery.  I am looking forward to applying insights gained in this training in my relationships at home and in business.
    Michael J. Kiley
    EBM, Inc
  • Quadrant’s Q7 Leadership Development Program is outstanding and transformational. I left the training with a much better understanding of who I am and what fundamental beliefs guide my thinking and motivate my behavior. Brian Gast’s high energy, enthusiasm and unadulterated interest in and deep understanding of each participant as an individual, is remarkable. The Q7 Leadership Program is far and away the most insightful, fun and useful leadership program I have ever participated in; it is incisive, experiential and incredibly enlightening. It should be mandatory for every leader.
    John S. Bank
    Chairman and CEO
    Phoenix Electric Manufacturing Co.
  • If you are not willing to challenge yourself, your peers and your company then Team Alignment is not for you. This was the first step in tuning up my own performance. I am looking forward to the rest of the journey.
    Timothy Kelly, Director of Warehouse Operations,
    Shamrock Foods, Inc.
  • As a facilitator, Brian was phenomenal, giving us the strength and opportunity to open up in a safe environment and share our feelings and professional goals and learn to perform at a higher level by relying on each other to achieve those goals. I left the session very energized, looking forward to experiencing challenges and opportunities in a more open and honest approach.
    Gail Esler, Director, Human Resources and Administration,
    Rocky Mountain Health Plans
  • I am generally very reluctant to participate in exercises involving a significant amount of interpersonal “risk” and Brian was excellent at keeping things comfortable while getting folks to move into the learning zone.
    Senior Manager,
    Polycom, Inc.
  • I have been to several “team building” events. I thought I had a good idea of what we were going to do. I could not have been more surprised. Nothing we did was easy but it all felt right. I have never connected with anyone I have worked with like I did in our session with Brian. I left with a tremendous amount of new respect and commitment to the success of my other team members. I left ready to make changes in how I lead and committed to help my other teams do the same.
    Johnny Mullins, Director of Operations,
    Shamrock Foods, Inc.
  • Brian has successfully coached several of our senior management members. He helps his clients understand how their behavior affects their jobs, co-workers, family members and themselves. Our company has been the beneficiary of the positive changes in the people that Brian has coached. It’s Brian’s common sense and even-tempered style that has made him successful. Brian draws upon his own life experience to help his clients apply the proper perspective to their lives.
    Ed Haselden, Chairman & CEO,
    Haselden Construction
  • I began working with Brian during a critical transition point in my life and business career, without much certainty that leadership coaching was what I really needed. I quickly realized that Brian’s deep business experience and matching personal insightfulness was exactly what I required to bridge the gap to the next phase of my personal and professional life. I derived great value from working with Brian and credit him with having a meaningful positive impact on my life.
    Tom Filippini, Co-founder,
    Exclusive Resorts, Inc.
  • Brian Gast has been the single most influential coach/mentor in my professional career. More importantly, his wisdom and guidance has had a profoundly transformative impact on my life outside of work. The opportunity to work with Brian has truly been a gift!
    Brian Watson, PhD, Former Global Head, Operational Excellence Capability Development
    Credit Suisse
  • In working with Brian I was amazed at how deep seated and firmly entrenched my preconceived beliefs were and how they were causing me to act in ways that made it difficult to find true happiness. Brian was able to allow me truly understand why I made the choices I did and what the consequences of those choices were. In doing so, he was able to illuminate for me alternative paths to a more fulfilling life that had previously been obscured. My life is infinitely richer for having worked with Brian.
    Randall Mays, Vice Chairman,
    Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
  • Working with Brian Gast and applying his method has been instrumental for me in becoming a more effective leader and a happier family member and individual. Brian has systematically guided me to understanding myself. I have become more effective at influencing my organization and leading people to collaborate. When working with teams, Brian comes across as genuine and focused and applies a process that works. This has lead to amazing progress for my senior team in a short period of time.
    George Wiebecke, Former Head of Global Chemical Manufacturing,
    Hoffman-La Roche, Plc.