Leadership Coaching Services

For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Why Clients Engage Quadrant

    • To transform their leadership effectiveness and their lives
    • To enhance their relationships with themselves and key stakeholders in their work and personal lives
    • To increase their self-awareness and self-mastery
    • To more effectively inspire diverse groups of people
    • To successfully navigate personal or professional transitions

What You Can Expect

    • Deeper self-awareness and self-mastery that leads to more effective relationship and communication skills
    • A more passionate, inspiring and authentic leadership presence
    • A roadmap to set you up for successful navigation of a major personal or professional transition
    • The transformation of limiting beliefs that improves your relationship with yourself and others
    • Courage to take risks and tap greater levels of creativity
    • Clarity and focus necessary to make better decisions
    • The ability to see issues and dilemmas from multiple perspectives
    • Greater empathy and connection with others

Our Typical Executive Client is Characterized by One or More of the Following:

    • Committed to grow as a leader in terms of effectiveness and responsibility
    • Wants a better balance between work and personal lives and can’t seem to say no or disconnect from his or her career
    • Successful in their vocation with influence and power, yet with even greater growth potential – especially in the areas of relationships and communication
    • Knows that his or her current career, while financially rewarding, does not use all his or her talents
    • Seeks greater self-awareness and self-confidence
    • In some stage of personal or professional transition
    • Seeks clarity of or a greater sense of purpose or meaning in their lives
    • Between jobs or is contemplating a major vocational change
    • Feels blocked in a major area of their life (vocation, relationships, identity)
    • Spiritually open, though not necessarily committed to any religion or spiritual tradition
    • Open to emotional exploration and development
    • Receptive to exploring his or her patterns that continually seem to sabotage their efforts or relationships

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