I love my doctor. Monique Martin is a internist who is a doctor of osteopathic medicine who has wonderful combination of traditional medicine, holistic healing and illness prevention.

Dr. Martin doesn’t just tell you what’s not working, she tells you about the signs of things that, if not tended to, will create problems down the road.

She includes blood work focused on your DNA and nutrient analysis. For example, my cholestrol typically runs around 200 or 215. That can be a problem if there is a history of heart disease or if the DNA work says you may have some cardio issues – it’s a way to dig a little deeper under the numbers.

Dr. Martin asks all kinds of questions in her intake form: rate your stress, rate your anxiety, how are sleeping, how is your sex drive, how is your sex life (and what would your partner say if he/she were asked the same question). Then she had a broad-ranging discussion about your life before digging into physical symptoms and vitals.

Does your doc focus on these areas:

  1. Cholesterol and ways to reduce it if “high” that does not include statins.
  2. Glucose – too many issues these days with all forms of sugars and carbs that can lead to diabetes and cancer.
  3. Your energy level – it should not be low if you are healthy.
  4. Your nutrition (chances are you are not eating as well as you think) and need for supplements to prevent cancer and cardio issues.
  5. Your mental and emotional health – the mind-body connection is undeniable, the question is are you living in denial of the impact of stress and unhappiness on your body.

Dr. Martin’s model is not just good for her patients, it is the way doctors will work if they want to survive the health care industry changes that are unfolding. If your doctor is not adapting you will find yourself working with a nurse practitioner or a very burned out, busy general practitioner.

Pick a holistic doctor. Get a physical.