Is there really a “formula” for success?

As it turns out, there kind of is, though the “formula” may not contain what you expect it to. In fact, although all of us bring different talents, experiences, and values to the table, the most successful among us possess characteristics that we can all develop. Here is a short list of the qualities that can lead you toward success…

  • Keep your head on straight – Yes, attitude really does make all the difference in the world. A positive mindset, even in the face of diversity, will lead you toward a successful outcome more surely than anything else. Stay focused on your goals rather than the challenges you’ll have to overcome to reach them.
  • Visualize yourself getting there – The most successful among us, from executives to celebrities to sports stars, have all developed the habit of seeing themselves reaching their goals and being a winner. Once you begin to visualize the path to success, the trip becomes far easier.
  • Forgive yourself – Give yourself permission to be human. Develop the ability to accept failure without beating yourself up about it. Life is tough sometimes, and business can be even tougher. You will make mistakes from time to time, regardless of your experience and talents. Failure is vital to success and growth. A teacher in the field of Positive Psychology who I recently studied with would say, “Learn to fail or fail to learn”. Take a deep breath, learn from your mistake, and move on – without obsessing about a missed opportunity.
  • Stick to it – The road to success is paved with hard work and diligence. Taking action, even when you’re unsure of the outcome, is the key to moving forward and reaching your goals. Waiting for success to find you will never work; instead, you must seek it out and act on your intentions.
  • Remember what’s most importantto you. The things you value, your ethical approach to life and business, can never be sacrificed for a perceived short-term gain. Stay focused on what really matters to you, or you’ll pay a huge price later on. Sacrificing your principles will ultimately lead to failure of the spirit, despite a momentary gain.

Of course, all of these characteristics become meaningless if you don’t know how to set goals for yourself, your business, and your family. If you’re struggling with goal setting, take a few minutes to read this post: 4 Things to Remember About Goal Setting that Works.