It is largely great love and great suffering that create spiritual listening and larger seeing.

–Richard Rohr, Franciscan Contemplative Author and Teacher


The good news is, social distancing is working. The bad news is it may be the only thing that works for a while. Our ordeal continues…

 This eight-minute video is the second in a three-part series in which I look at the coronavirus as a planetary initiation with three stages. This video looks at the “Ordeal” stage.

 Your personal ordeal may be the result of feeling stuck or bored at home away from friends and colleagues, living with a lot of uncertainty, or maybe you know someone with COVID-19 or feel scared that you or someone you love will get sick. Ordeals contain gifts. They have much to teach us individually and collectively.

 Take a few minutes to watch this and determine how you will allow this initiation experience will change you.