Making turns with my snowboard in a foot of fresh powder on a snowy day on Copper Mountain yesterday, I felt the aliveness that comes with doing something I’m passionate about.

 Whether it’s snowboarding, writing or sitting in a circle of men and woman talking about their heart’s longing, my body tells me if I’m doing something I’m passionate about. Sometimes it’s a subtle tingling in my arms, sometimes a tenderness throughout my upper body, or a warm feeling around my heart. It’s as though my neurology is reminding me that I’m feeding my soul.

 When you are living your passion, euphoric sensations are not something you experience all day or for days on end, they come and go. You most likely will experience slow or even grinding-it-out periods in the midst of doing what you’re passionate about.

 When you’re doing something you’re passionate about multiple core needs are met. This includes one or more of the four core needs I talk a lot about: self-worth, connection, meaning and service. Additionally, I think you have unique need or value sets that are activated when you’re doing something you are passionate about.

 For me, the value sets are connection with self/others/God, discovery/adventure/learning, nature/outdoors, and play. For you, they may be something else. When I’m doing something that meets all of my value sets I’m living my passion. If I’m missing one of the value sets (e.g., snowboarding alone or golfing with an anal, uptight partner) I’m happy at best, but not passionate.

 If you’re in search of a passion start with understanding your core value sets – those ideals and activities that are sacred to you. When you are aligned with your core values you’re body will tell you, just as it will when you are not.

 What are your passions and how much of your time do you spending doing them?

 I’m going to challenge you here. Consider that time with family, your life partner or your work (and I know work is not a passion for a lot of people–more on that another time) are givens, meaning, it’s not a big stretch for many people to be passionate about these areas–I want to hear about your passions outside of these life domains.