One sure way to increase your engagement and maybe even passion for something is to raise your standards.

When I find myself bored during a talk or workshop or even when I am doing a task, I can change the entire experience by investing more of myslef into what I am doing – getting more engaged, increasing my level of game. In the process I feel the power associated with making a choice to play harder vs. feeling like a victim and complaining or blaming someone else for my experience.

With no exception that I can think of, when I invest more into the quality of what I do, like rehearsing a speach, planning the content of a retreat or conducting research on a new client, I always get more out of the experience (as do those who are on the receiving end of what I am do).

It’s easy to tell yourself you are doing things well. If you are bored or feeling like someone else is controlling your destiny look at your standards and see where you can move to the next level.

If you are looking for inspiration, take a close look at this photo. It’s of the Sistine Chapel. Turn up the volume on your speakers and use the arrows to move around and zoom in on various parts of the ceiling. Click here –  Sistine Chapel,

This guy was all in! At what level is your game? What masterpiece do you want to create next?