Doing some personal goal setting for 2011?

You may have a process that works for you and have completed it already (I’d love to hear about how you do yours). I am a little behind this year (one goal of mine is to stop procrastinating!).

I have been doing annual goal setting for years because it works. I end the year satisfied with what has manifested and I use my goal setting process to declare to colleagues, clients, my wife, God and the universe that this is what I want. 

Over breakfast last week, a past business partner said he credited his recent success with the confidence with which he wanted things. I agreed and said, “If you want to know what you want, just look at your life.”  I believe we attract what (at some level) we want. Our life is a livng prayer, being answered in the form of what arises in our life. So be careful what you are praying for.

That may be a little too woo woo and I will spare you the research on the power of goal setting and intention. Suffiice it to say that your energy will follow your attention. Goal-setting is great way to clarify your attention.

I will blog more on ideas for powerful goal setting – how we sabotage ourselves, etc.

Here are a few tips for goal setting  – would love to hear yours.

  1. Write your goals down.
  2. Create catagories that correspond to key life domains like: vocation; finance; service; marriage; family; health.
  3. No more than two key goals per category.
  4. Write goals in present tense, no “I will…” or “I am…” draft as a Personal Declaration: “I have a trusting and intimate relationship with my wife” “I am at my ideal body weight” or “My firm is the leader in it targeted niche of…”

This is the set up – next are action items which are more specific and time-bound.