Bubba Watson, winner of the Masters Golf Tournament on Sunday, made this statement at his press conference after the match, “Golf is not my everything.”

Maybe that’s why he won.

How important do we make anything is a reflection of how important we make everything.

Bubba is a pretty low-key guy on the exterior. He described his nervousness and how “amped up” he gets when people cheer him on. There’s no doubt this guy likes to play and win golf games but his lack of attachment to what he does was inspiring. I think this approach will serve him well in his pursuit of a fulfilled life.

Like the Buddha taught, it’s not the doing or having of things that’s a problem, it’s the attachment to them that causes suffering.

It seems like a person’s view of their true nature and what’s important (spriritual concepts) has a lot to do with the way they process reality. Bubba talked about his spiritual beliefs and that last week, leading up to Easter, were important days to him given his faith. I suppose partly because of his faith practice this guy is maintaining perspective. Telling the press, “You guys will forget about me in a few days…” There is something more important to him than golf. It wasn’t just God it was his family and friends that he talked about.

We don’t know who Bubba Watson really is, however, we can use his comments to remind ourselves to stay focused on what’s really important. For you that may be God, family, your purpose.

I was reminded that as soon as make something my “everything” I get rigid, defended and less open – and definitely play worse golf.