Here is an article I recently wrote for a New England business school prof named Dan McCarthy. The topic is Leadership Capacity and talks about the four dimensions of a leader and how to perform under pressure.

How to Expand Your Leadership Capacity

“What’s your leadership capacity? I was 35 and the CEO of one of the fastest growing telecom companies in the US. I had created $400 million in value from an idea, was managing a 1,500 person company that everyone wanted to work for and a public company that was a darling of Wall Street.

Then things got tough. Competition increased and my patience with my team decreased. I began to avoid real problems and became isolated from my board. I didn’t know it at the time but my capacity to lead was a lot lower than I thought. It took getting fired to wake up and realize that I was not going to sustain effective leadership by relying on an MBA and my natural talent.

Anyone can stay calm and communicate clearly when things are going well. How do you…”

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