It’s day four of my meditation retreat and my Monkey Mind has been tamed. Of course I am not writing this at the retreat (that would kind of defeat the purpose of the retreat now wouldn’t it?). I wrote this before I left and base this on the many such retreats I have attended over the past ten years.

Day four is grounding, very clear, very present and, in spite of no words exchanged, I am very connected to my fellow sitters (actually we walk and meditate a lot too). My back aches have mysteriously vanished as has my resistance to letting go of my thoughts, my judgments and my beliefs.

My Qi Gong practice (like Tai Chi) is heavenly and am close to taking monastic vows and starting my 1,000 days in a monastery. My wife won’t be surprised and I can still make my kids’ college graduations.

Stillness, silence, clarity of mind. Have reached the blissed out stage.