How exactly does one develop their spiritual life? It doesn’t matter if you’re evangelical, liberal or atheist we all have an aspect of ourselves that transcends our thoughts, feelings and actions. Our spirit connects us to something bigger than ourselves and at the same time is our unchanging, essential nature. It’s through our spirit that we connects nature, Spirit, God, Higher Power, or the universe or cosmos. Religious community, practice and beliefs can be ways some to move down their spiritual path and it’s certainly not the only way.

My focus in more spiritual than religious. Spirituality is not just a cosmic concept, it spirituality plays a major role in our leadership. Our spiritual maturity influences our leadership style and presence. If you want to have more leadership presence and lead in a complex system during chaotic and uncertain times, you will need a high level of spiritual development. Psychologically we can call our spiritual side our “sovereign” dimension, the part that sees the big picture, can hold conflicting truths or paradox, can bless others, is grateful for even the most difficult things life has to teach us.

In this 11 minute video I introduce the idea of the mature spiritual self and offer 3 ways to develop yourself spiritually. I hope there is a nugget in here that you can apply to your leadership and life this month.

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