Someone asked me the other day if there was a pill like the one that was the topic of the movie Limitless, would I take it. Science shows that we all use a limited amount of the computing power of our brain. The pill would allow one to tap into all of the brain’s capability.

My answer was “no”. Of course, it would be great to be more focused, have full access to memories, and learn how to play golf and the piano with mastery without all the hours of practice. I just wonder how long the satisfaction would last.

The mind is overrated. With as much emphasis as has been placed on the mind since the Enlightenment or whenever Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am”, has not necessarily led to a consistent level of ideas that sustain the human race or Earth. Sure, the mind has resulted in the computer, Internet, and the iPhone but it has not prevented conflict and environmental blind spots.

A pill that puts my grey matter on steroids might just feed the beast that gets me over-thinking things. I can see some real downside to such a pill.

I told my friend that my idea of an attractive Limitless Pill is one that would allow me to tap into the full capacity of my heart. How could you go wrong with full access to your capacity to love? How could you go wrong with infinite love and acceptance? I don’t think I would get bored with that. I don’t think I could get in trouble with that.

Now that I think about it, why do I need a pill to fully access my heart? Is it that we come into this world with unlimited access to our heart and that access decreases with time?

Short of a pill, how do we access more of our heart–or should I say, how can remove the accumulated blocks to our native state?