Links to other websites of interest…

Ashes and Snow (
Gregory Colbert’s ongoing project that weaves together photographic works, 35mm films, art installations and a novel in letters to capture extraordinary interactions between humans and animals.
The Center for Action and Contemplation (
Franciscan Father Richard Rohr founded the Center in 1987 to share the constructive Gospel message that crosses boundaries of religion, ethnicity, social class and gender. The Center teaches how to integrate a contemplative lifestyle and compassionate service. The quarterly publication, Radical Grace, has a readership in every state and in 15 countries.
Enneagram Institute (
Introduces the concept of the Enneagram, a simple map for the complex landscape of human personality.
Hollow Bones School (
A Zen Order that seeks deeper spiritual understanding of our daily lives.
Integral Zen (
A Zen center in Denver lead by Zen Master JunPo Dennis Kelly established to support personal and spiritual growth and contemplative living in a chaotic and hungry world. The center offers workshops and short and long meditation retreats.
Love and Logic (
Kids don’t come with an owner’s manual; but America’s parenting experts, have been helping raise responsible kids since 1977. This site offers books, information, training packages and tools to build stronger families. What parenting style are you? Learn what works and what doesn’t.
Mankind Project (
A unique organization offering challenges to men who want more integrity, accountability and connection in their lives.
Mercola (
Dr. Joseph Mercola is author of “Total Health Program.” His website features valuable insights into how to stay healthy. It has articles on general health and nutritional plus detailed methods for reducing stress.
Rocky Mountain Institute (
An independent and nonadversarial group to foster the efficient and restorative use of resources to make the world secure, just, prosperous, and life-sustaining—with a strong emphasis on market-based solutions.
Spiritual Cinema Circle (
The world’s first transformational DVD-of-the-month club, features 4 inspiring new films every month, hard-to-find, award-winning movies you won’t see anywhere else.
Tactics of Hope (
Specific organizations that need support to address the major issues facing the world.
The Work of Byron Katie (
Human beings can’t sustain a lasting sense of peace as long as they’re engaged in war with reality. Modern people tend to put happiness on hold until something external changes. It’s foolish to think happiness comes with more money, a better job, healthier body, more understanding partner or children who behave.
Instead of trying desperately to get the world to satisfy one’s desires, Byron Katie approach these problems from a perspective of clarity and inner peace.
Tricia Gast (
“Body talk” incorporates the principles of modern physics, mathematics, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology, advanced yoga and Western medical science in a simple, non-invasive healthcare method.
Women In Power (
The primal life force is our Inner Predator. This power guards our being and feeds us. It’s the energy we must have for survival and vitality, for life itself. When we free our inner predators, we become advocates for what is sacred to our hearts and souls. We break the habitual victim/perpetrator cycle and liberate the power held within.
Woman Within (
How can one weekend possibly change your life? Specialized training for women provides the tools to delve deeper into inner wisdom, acknowledgement and integration. Woman Within Training was created by women, for women.
World Business Academy (
The Academy’s mission is to explore the fundamental paradigm shifts underway globally. Academy Members seek to integrate this knowledge into their lives and business practices, and to rekindle the human spirit in business.
Young Presidents’ Organization (
A peer network of more than 9500 young global leaders in 75 nations – who connect to exchange ideas and strategies for personal and professional growth.