Brian Gast on Leadership Development

Why Most Leadership Development Doesn’t Work

Internal Change…External Results

When there is so much written and taught on leadership, why are so many leaders limited by huge blind spots that leave followers uninspired, if not resentful?

Most leadership development today is focused on teaching technical leadership models and changing behavior – it ignores personal fulfillment, deeper self-understanding developing our potential as human beings.

High-performing leaders understand models and processes yet they also understand something much more important: themselves. At Quadrant we focus on both the best models for leadership behavior and deepening a leader’s understanding of their internal drivers. We focus on accessing untapped potential that will increase the capacity to lead under difficult circumstances.

Quadrant founder, Brian Gast has developed the Q7 Process that transforms a leader by examining the beliefs that influence behavior and balancing the four dimensions of leadership. He developed his approach to leadership development after twenty years in various corporate roles including twelve years as a CEO. Brian had his share of blind spots to work on and through this process created a practical and powerful approach to leadership that has become the mark of every grounded leader.