A final thought on passion for now: We spend way to much time at the office to not be passionate about what we do for a living.

If you’re at all like me you didn’t pick what you do for work just because you were passionate about it. Things like income potential, industry or company stability, and advancement opportunities probably factored into the decision (mostly because that was what our parents valued and taught us).

Most of my clients didn’t think about their core values or their passions when they made their key career choices. According to Jim Collin’s research, most company leadership teams don’t consider collective core values when they set their company’s strategic direction. You may be different and I’d love to hear your story about how values play a role in your career decisions.

Most companies do a lousy job at helping their employees find their passion and to align what they do or how they do it with what they are passionate about.

Most people come home from work feeling empty because core values are not a priority in their job selection and design. Marcus Buckingham author of Now, Discover Your Strengths takes a crack at changing this pattern by teaching people how to align talent with job activity and teaching manager how to meet the self-worth need of employees.

Tap into your passion at work by aligning what you do with your core values – the core hungers, needs and desires you have that when they are met you are happy and creative and when you are not you are grumpy and merely tolerant. Core values are in your heart. Examples of core values are: making a difference in the life of another, connection, being heard or seen, creativity, trust, respect, autonomy, and mastery.

Do you know your three to five core values or needs? Do you know each of your direct reports? Your peers? Get curious about what really drives you and those around you and you will discover untapped energy.

Many times passion can be met without changing jobs; sometimes it’s time to find another environment where you can align with your heart.