I will be moderating a panel at the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver on October 26th at 7:30 – go to www.ctlf.org for more info.

The topic is “Playing to Win”. It is about the secrets to success from a college president to an entrepreneur who succeeding against all odds.

I pushed back on the invitation at first – “I think I define success a bit differently than most business people,” I explained. The program organizer said, “That’s why I want you on this panel!”

Who knows what I’ll say but it will start with defining what success or winning means. Then we will talk about what has worked and not worked in terms of being successful.

I am definitely more quality to talk about failure though. After age 30 I don’t think we learn much new and certainly don’t transform as a result of our successes-but failure, if you take responsibility for your part, if often leads to breakthroughs.