Q7 Process

The Q7 Process transcends traditional coaching and training programs. Combining inner work with outer realities, individuals and teams break their Bubble of self-limiting beliefs and distorted views.

The result is a fast and sustainable increase in your leadership impact and personal fulfillment.

Steps in the Q7 Process

The Q7 Process is composed of 4 quadrants—thinking, acting, feeling and being; and 7 Steps to Fulfillment.

The four quadrants facilitate each step in the process and are pivotal to increasing both your leadership effectiveness and happiness.

Thinking Feeling

Acting Being


1. Take a Fearless Inventory of Your Life

2. Create a Vision for Your Life

3. Remove the Barriers to Fulfillment



4. Burst Your Bubbles

5. Build Your Court of Support



6. Create a Personal Practices Regime

7. Draw a Road Map for Your Future