Steven Morrow

Steven has coached Vice Presidents and directors of F100 companies, directors and C-suite executives of mid-sized firms in ten countries, including the United States, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, and Amsterdam. Morrow lived for two years in Istanbul, Turkey where he coached European executives. Clients include HP, TiVo, Efes Pilsen, Anadolu Holding, Gilead Pharmaceutical, Haselden Construction, and FEBA Electronics.

Morrow draws on his 15 years of corporate experience leading diverse, high-performance teams and designing and selling high-tech solutions under tight timelines. As a Solution Architect for EDS and HP, he successfully developed, presented and sold integrated technology solutions valued up to $1B.

Morrow is a Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, and has been on faculty for two professional coaching schools. Combining his skills in using the Quadrant’s Q7 Process with his expertise in global organizations, Morrow is uniquely equipped to support leaders operating in today’s complex corporate and economic environments.

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