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Meditation is a highly beneficial practice that falls under the umbrella of mindfulness. I share my knowledge and experiences as a 20-year student of meditation and the Zen / Buddhist tradition to teach meditation for executives....

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How To Increase Your Spiritual Intelligence

How exactly does one develop their spiritual life? It doesn’t matter if you’re evangelical, liberal or atheist we all have an aspect of ourselves that transcends our thoughts, feelings and actions. Our spirit connects us to something bigger than ourselves and at the...

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One Thing to Focus on for Your Psychological Growth

Here is another video blog that picks up where my previous video, Are You Enlightened, left off. In 11 minutes, I dive a bit deeper into personal growth, self-mastery and the important role your personal shadow plays in this. I'm also sharing two sure-fire ways to...

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Are You Enlightened?

I'm excited to share with you my first video blog. I invite you to spend about 8 minutes watching this video, which speaks to the question, “Just how enlightened am I?” Personal growth has to happen in two areas in order for us to both Grow Up (gain psychological...

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