Sometimes it is helpful to get a feel for what a person would be like on the job running our country. The Republican candidate debates have given us a glimpse at how some of these folks would show up. The apparent mind fart of Governor Perry last week is one example.

I don’t think it was just a memory lapse, there is something deeper going on. I don’t think Perry is promoting his beliefs. I think he is memorizing speeches – that lapse was not something that was in his heart in the first place.

More entertaining and frightening – do a search on YouTube for Perry – have you seen his speech when he was either overly medicated or drunk?

Once again, we are choosing among the tallest Pygmies. Looking at the field of Republican candidates for President I wish I could get behind Obama as I had five years ago but that program isn’t working either.

The mediocraty and lack of compromise that characterizes American politics is not only bad for government but bad for business and society – China does not have to do much to win this race, just watch us do ourselves in.

Hope lies with business leadership and grass roots efforts. Now more than ever we need business leadership with heart and courage.