Leadership Development

Today’s business leadership demands almost guarantee that a person will become unbalanced with limited skills, self-awareness or strategies necessary for high performance.

Leadership Effectiveness Coaching is especially designed to help restore balance and enable you to refocus your vision.

As a business professional, you value a developmental process with Quadrant that takes the practical realities of your environment into consideration and holds you accountable as you learn how to be a truly inspiring leader. You’ll develop powerful self-mastery to achieve your goals, both personal and professional.

Our unique Q7 transformational coaching process picks up where traditional executive development training leaves off. Our process is transformational because it emphasizes shifting belief systems. Our belief systems act as a bubble that surrounds us, distorting our view of the world around us.

In a respectful and sometimes challenging setting, you learn to leverage those behaviors that are working for you, while overcoming self-defeating patterns.

Over a 6 to 12 month period, you’ll experience a rich blend of behavioral and practical teachings. These are accompanied by field work and guided experiences, designed to allow you to learn for yourself new, more efficient methods of dealing with life’s challenges.