Q7 Leadership Intensive

The Q7 Leadership Intensive is a three-day program that helps leaders break through the ruts and barriers keeping you stuck in old patterns of success. Based on the highly acclaimed Q7 Process developed by executive coach Brian Gast, you’ll learn how to unleash your potential and empower those around you.

Increase Your Leadership Impact and…Happiness

The program focuses on transformation. Building on leadership skills you possess you’ll discover how to create and lead a culture of breakthrough success, where people are connected to each other, aligned with purpose and inspired by their work.

We’ll enable you to lead from a place of ease, displaying confidence and creating clarity, while breaking your bubble of habits and beliefs that limit your potential. The result is a fast and sustainable increase in your leadership impact and personal fulfillment.

“The resulting clarity of the Q7 Process creates an opportunity for success and fulfillment at a new and higher plane than I ever thought possible.”

William Hughson, President,
Healthcare Group, DeVry, Inc.

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