Speaking Engagements

If you are looking for a transformational experience led by a dynamic, credible and experienced speaker, engage Brian Gast and his team at Quadrant for your next event or meeting. Brian knows his area of expertise and passion (developing grounded and inspiring and fulfilled leaders), his audience (business professionals), and his message (leaders tap their full potential only when they are fulfilled, not when they focus on success). His programs fall into two categories: keynotes and workshops.


Brian delivers engaging forty-five to ninety minute keynotes that include riveting personal stories and compelling, practical lessons business professionals can apply immediately. Unlike typical speakers, Brian involves his audience in conversation and participation and often incorporates on-stage interviews with company or stakeholder representatives. Brian focuses on leadership, personal development, self-discovery and inspiration to evoke the unique leader in everyone. Keynotes are tailored to his audience’s needs as identified in pre-event research including research on the industry and company, interviews with attendees, and other resources.

Brian shares the latest research from the positive psychology movement about what makes us happy and why we spend so much time pursuing more and more of what doesn’t work in our lives. Learn about the proven practices and lifestyles that foster positivity, creativity and happiness.

Happiness often becomes the focus for high-performing executives and entrepreneurs who are at mid-life. They begin to ask: How much is enough? Now that I have so much success what will motivate me? Am I following my passions or playing it safe and just running down the clock? Find out how to create more purpose, passion and power to enrich your life and leadership and make the second half of life better than the first.

Success, wealth and privilege come with advantages and challenges, especially when seeking happiness and raising fulfilled, independent and resourceful children. Whether you are creating first generation wealth or functioning in a multi-generational high-net worth family, you will benefit from understanding the key ingredients to fulfillment and how family systems support (or block) the growth of the ultimate currency.

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Accumulating the Ultimate Currency: The Five Absolutely, Positively Critical Ingredients to Living a Fulfilling Life


Quadrant offers half-day to two-day workshops designed to increase leadership effectiveness, personal fulfillment and team creativity and effectiveness. Brian works with groups of five to five hundred. Quadrant’s workshops are a unique blend of storytelling/keynote, experiential learning, and teaching. We incorporate credible research as well as fun interaction as Brian skillfully surfaces and addresses important blocks to personal team, and organizational performance and happiness. He often involves participants as speakers by sharing success stories, interviewing key leaders, and creating and interviewing panels of in-house influencers. Leave the projector and PowerPoint slides at the office and get ready for candid and engaging discussions that focus attention on important truths, what’s really important to everyone (fulfillment) and even the group’s  undiscussibles.