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What Smart Leaders Do When They are the Problem

October 8, 2018 | By | Add a Comment

Sometimes I want to give the CEOs I know a T-shirt that says, “I’m right!” This is the message they convey when they say, “These guys just don’t get it.” “I’ve told them a hundred times to stop doing… and yet they still do it.” Smart executives are often right, but I’m not sure being right is what matters. When a leader’s tone is defensive, zealous, and self-righteous, she or he is ineffective at influencing others. This is what happens when we are convinced everyone else is the problem. Tennis Lessons Consider Serena Williams’s recent tirade in the championship match at this year’s U.S. Open. This video clip is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. Serena was given […]

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You’re Safer and Freer Than You Think

December 15, 2015 | By | 1 Comment

Ninety-two. That’s the number of people who die every day in the US from a gun—accidents, murder, suicide. That means 2,000 people died in the US from a gun in just three weeks following the Paris terror attacks. That statistic has remained pretty steady over the past 25 years. In fact, non-accidental deaths by guns have declined since the nineties. The other gun-death statistic that has stayed the same for 25 years is the number of people killed in mass shootings (defined as 4+ deaths). For most people living in the US, the odds of dying from a gun are the same as that of dying in a car accident.* Somehow all these facts don’t relieve my fear and sadness. […]

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