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The Benefits of Conflict

April 5, 2016 | By | Add a Comment

The word “conflict” often carries negative overtones in our culture, with implications of hostility between parties, and even a military feel. A list of synonyms for this simple word only amplifies this feeling: clash, fight, dispute, strife, struggle, combat. With such a negative value placed on such a simple word, is it any wonder that an entire industry has grown around coping with conflict; an industry which literally created the problem and now offers the solution, known as “conflict resolution”? And yet, healthy conflict is always a step on the path to intimacy and real connection. Consider a more neutral definition of the word “conflict”, which is merely, “A state of opposition between persons, ideas or interests.” When conflict is […]

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Why Avoiding Conflict Creates Conflict

February 9, 2016 | By | Add a Comment

There are, generally, two reasons people avoid conflict: fear of disconnection and fear of being judged. Yet, except in the case of pending physical violence in a conflict-heavy situation, this type of conflict avoidance will usually result in more conflict somewhere down the road. Consider even some of the big conflicts that exist across cultures today, they were brewing for a long time before boiling over. Conflict situations rarely resolve themselves, if ever. Instead, learning to manage conflict is far more effective than simple avoidance. After all, human beings being what we are, disagreements and disputes are to be expected. If you hope to learn how to manage conflict more effectively, you’ll first need to understand your reasons for avoiding […]

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