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Positive Corporate Culture – Trust, Loyalty, and Relationships

May 26, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

Fortune’s recent “100 Best Companies to Work For” edition talks about corporate culture. In the rankings for this year, aided by surveys taken in a partnership with Great Place To Work, the key to the cultures of the top 100 companies is how the culture fosters relationships between management and employees. The surveys focus on what are called the Trust Index© Survey and the Culture Audit©. “The best workplaces understand the factors that are truly valued by their people. They perpetuate policies, practices and behaviors that strengthen the employee-manager relationship. Employee retention improves, mitigating the costs of continual re-hiring of personnel.” – GreatPlaceToWork.com Relationships are the key to any culture, and the setting, time, and authenticity that supports healthy relationships […]

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Create the Organization Your Heart Knows is Possible

September 18, 2014 | By | Add a Comment

Everything I learned about creating an employee-focused corporate culture I learned while working for a large New York bank in the late eighties. When I became a CEO in the nineties, I recalled my experience working for the bank. I took note of its training, leadership and HR strategies . . . and did the exact opposite. Hierarchical design and numbers-driven principles have built elegant, scalable organizations that have served as solid training grounds for leaders. Modern organizations are productive and sophisticated machines and yet we all know the negative, unintended consequences of its architecture and priorities. As with many companies, on the outside my bank appeared to be doing okay. Its share price kept rising, managers made nice livings, […]

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