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Do You Need an Executive Coach?

April 12, 2016 | By | Add a Comment

If you possess the skills, knowledge, capacity, and experience to make it to a senior executive level, why would you need an executive coach? Most executives may need coaching because their elevation to the upper tier of the work force is based on their past, while staying there will be based on what they accomplish in the future. With an ever-changing workforce and increasingly diverse and challenging marketplace before them, how well does an executive’s past serve them? Just as a sports coach helps even the most talented athletes adapt and excel despite changing conditions on the field or court, a leadership coach can help executives make adjustments, continue to learn about themselves, add new skills, and remain productive over […]

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What’s In Your Bubble? The Secret to Living a Fulfilled Life

June 27, 2012 | By | 1 Comment

We all live in a Bubble. The outer-most layer of our Bubble is our mask—the façade we want others to think is real. At the center of the Bubble is our Authentic Self, our True Nature, our Essence. If there is an inherent purpose to our lives, it’s to make the journey from the outside of this Bubble to its center. At the center is our aliveness, spontaneity, authenticity, joy, and potential. When we live at the center of the Bubble, we’re at home, we feel fulfilled. Yet it feels like every cell in our body wants to move to the outside of the Bubble, to the successful front we believe everyone wants to see. The Leader’s Façade The journey […]

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Executive Life Coaching: From Success to Fulfillment and Back Again

February 28, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

[this is a reprint of my monthly Musing I published last week] What’s the definition of success? Is this person successful: Self-made multi-million dollar net worth by age thirty, CEO of a company for which you led the IPO by age thirty-five, in good health, solid marriage, active social life, vacation home, expensive European cars in the garage, the time and money to play and vacation in nice settings? Maybe there isn’t one definition for success. Perhaps we all have to determine for ourselves what it is. If so, what’s your definition? I used to be the guy in the first paragraph. I thought I was successful. The problem I ran into was I always wanted more of all of […]

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To Understand People, Understand How They Perceive God

October 21, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

If you want to know what drives thinking and behavior, examine a person’s perception of God. Last week, USA Today published Baylor University’s recent research on how Americans perceive God. Click here for the article. (This was a big study, not some overnight poll by a news media outlet.) Ninety percent of Americans believe in some form of higher power and, as the study highlights, the form of that belief greatly affects the way people view the world. When we understand the lens or bubble through which we view God, our decisions, choices and actions make complete sense. Here are the four buckets the researchers found that best describe how Americans view God. The type of God captions are from […]

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