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What Kind of Person Do You Want to Be?

August 4, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

First a disclaimer: I generally do not value books on leadership. They are similar to books on dieting and addiction, in that more information is not the answer, and leadership books are least helpful to people who lack the natural talent to lead. Most writers on the subject have their own business model that’s driving their writing: write a book, get on the speaker circuit, and build a consulting practice. They rarely offer new ideas and most of the information is anecdotal; that is, not supported by quality research. However, there are a few writers on the subject that have stood the test of time, use hard data, and are cited by proven, world-class leaders. These are Peter Drucker, Warren Bennis […]

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Do You Have the Courage to Fail?

July 28, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

Is there really a “formula” for success? As it turns out, there kind of is, though the “formula” may not contain what you expect it to. In fact, although all of us bring different talents, experiences, and values to the table, the most successful among us possess characteristics that we can all develop. Here is a short list of the qualities that can lead you toward success… Keep your head on straight – Yes, attitude really does make all the difference in the world. A positive mindset, even in the face of diversity, will lead you toward a successful outcome more surely than anything else. Stay focused on your goals rather than the challenges you’ll have to overcome to reach […]

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