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How to Find Balance between Work & Life

April 14, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

If you are serious about managing the “inevitable” work/life conflict, start with what you value most, and follow a vision to be aligned with these things. Here are five tips to finding a healthy work/life balance: Gaining Perspective – Establish the real and relative value of your work, your personal life, and your family life. What is most important to you, and why? Once you decide which area of your life deserves priority, commit to it fully and without restraint. This does not mean that you should ignore the areas of your life that you’ve assigned a lower priority: healthy eating, exercise, and personal relationships also have value to a fully realized person. Care for those areas of your life […]

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Effective Leadership Tools – The Importance and Value of Positivity

April 7, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

If you asked 100 people to define leadership, you’re likely to receive 100 different answers. Although extensive research has been done in recent years on the power of positivity in everyday life, and how effective it can be in business, still far too many leaders are negative or fear-based. Perhaps the most common example of this can be seen in athletic coaches; the stereotypical screamer that heaps harsh criticism on the players whenever they fail to perform to his (usually) unrealistic standards. Is this type of abusive behavior actually effective? It does change behavior. Sometimes very quickly. But there is a price to be paid. What happens when the leader doesn’t have the organizational or economic threat to the employee? […]

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Be Your Ultimate Cheerleader

March 24, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

Why is Your Work so Important to You? One of the most powerful impulses we have as human beings is our need for validation; the idea that what we do and value also has value in the eyes of another. In fact, the need for validation is so strong that even receiving praise from strangers, people whose judgment we really have no reason to value, makes us feel better about ourselves. We seek validation from loved ones and friends, business associates, our boss, and employees. However, by placing so much importance on the opinions of others, we also set ourselves up to be hurt by, or resistant to, negative feedback Seeking validation for your work begins with you An article […]

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4 Things to Remember About Goal Setting that Works

March 17, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

It’s almost impossible to spend time on the internet at the beginning of each New Year and NOT read something about setting goals; whether for your personal or professional life. These days, the words “goal setting” have become the catchphrase of every “personal coach”, “life coach”, “health coach” and “business coach”, “career coach” or “professional coach” out there. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that – goals are important; I am saying that talking about setting goals and actually doing so in a way that will benefit you are two very different things. If you’ve repeatedly made resolutions for change at the beginning of every year, only to shrug them off within weeks or months, this will be just […]

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We Are All Brian Williams

March 10, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

To Find Success & Happiness – Check your Premises A person’s character is a function of their choices and their behavior, which are a function of their beliefs and values. Everything you hold dear will have a profound effect on anything you do, say, and feel. And of course, these are the things that define your character – or lack of it. What is integrity, and why does it matter? “Integrity is honesty in action.” – Ayn Rand While you may not be a fan of the writings of Ayn Rand, this particular insight has deep meaning for all who wish to think of themselves as a “good person”. It flies directly in the face of the old, tired saying, […]

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