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Three Reasons You Can’t Slow Down

August 8, 2019 | By | Add a Comment

Don’t move faster than you can feel. – Teja Bell, Qigong and Zen Master I’m busier than I want to be. It’s confusing because most everything I‘m doing I’ve chosen to do. My business is booming, and I love my work. I want to serve more, so I’m increasingly active in two service organizations, and empty-nesting has made it easier to travel, and then there’s golf. While I preach the importance of being versus doing, I struggle balancing the two. Are you as busy as you want to be? Are you spending time on what matters? Slowing down is challenging in our culture of more—where people over-work, -plan, -eat, -drink, and -consume. If you are serious about changing and really […]

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How to Make Difficult Decisions

May 19, 2014 | By | Add a Comment

Two Ways to Cultivate Wisdom and get More of What Matters Most “What do you think? Should I sell the company or not?” For the first time in our two-year relationship, Ed was stuck. His business acumen and intellect were of little help that day. The offer was alluring but there were big implications to this decision. Converting 98 percent of his net worth from illiquid private company stock to cash, having a boss for the first time in 18 years, the uncertain fate of 750 employees, and a high likelihood of being unemployed in 12 months was uncharted territory. There was no going back once he committed to sell. I took a deep breath and pulled out one of […]

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