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We Are All Brian Williams

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To Find Success & Happiness – Check your Premises A person’s character is a function of their choices and their behavior, which are a function of their beliefs and values. Everything you hold dear will have a profound effect on anything you do, say, and feel. And of course, these are the things that define your character – or lack of it. What is integrity, and why does it matter? “Integrity is honesty in action.” – Ayn Rand While you may not be a fan of the writings of Ayn Rand, this particular insight has deep meaning for all who wish to think of themselves as a “good person”. It flies directly in the face of the old, tired saying, […]

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How Do You Define Success?

March 3, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

How do you define success, for yourself as well as others? Success is exciting and feels powerful – operating with high standards can be exhilarating. Reaping the rewards of success in business opens opportunities that money and time can afford. Oftentimes, we define success as our status relative to others. However you define it, success is like an aphrodisiac for the mind. What does success mean to you? In my experience, many people define success too narrowly. They forget about strengths they have that are not being used to reach their goal of “being successful”. They forget about being successful in their relationships or marriage, and as being a successful parent. Even in their business, many people define success narrowly, […]

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