Every Tim Tebow press conference or interview begins with three thank yous:

I want to thank Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

I want to thank my teammates, they make me look better than I am.

I want to thank the fans for supporting me.

Remember, I don’t watch much news so I many only have the gist of this but you get the idea.

This talented athlete (yes I know he doesn’t throw like Elway) is humble.

And don’t get distracted by the Jesus thing. You insert your words for referring to something bigger than yourself. For the synchronicity of life that makes things happen the way they do – things could be so different (I mean like, a lot worse) and you are not in control.

This Broncos thing is a great metaphor for CEOs to try to get their heads around. Results are not coming because of the skills of the leader or the personality of the top guy. John who? Fox is getting little attention. Before it was all about Shanahan and people wondering if Josh McDaniel would be wearing his hoodie on game day.

Tebow is having an impact because everyone is stepping up their game. He works so hard it is hard for that not to be contagious.

The truth is Tebow is making others look better than they are or as good as they are because teammates are pushing themselves harder and taking his lead to focus on something bigger than themselves.