The Business of Wanting More

Are you a leader who wants success and
fulfillment…but aren’t sure you can have both?

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The Business of Wanting More: Why Some Executives Move from Success to Fulfillment and Others Don’t
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Being Successful Can Be Your Undoing…

The Business of Wanting MoreRead the astonishing confessions of a serial entrepreneur and a CEO of one of the fastest-growing telecom companies in the world.

Brian Gast’s book The Business of Wanting More – Why some Executives Move from Success to Fulfillment and Other Don’t, is based on his personal story.

Like most entrepreneurs, Brian lived in a bubble: A bubble that influenced his decisions and actions. A bubble that led to delusions of grandeur and compounding mistakes.

He thought he had it all, except for that nagging feeling of…wanting more.

Brian made and lost $50 million. He learned the hard way that successful leadership requires more than an MBA, leadership training, and hundreds of books on leadership. It requires taking the risk of looking inward and bursting the bubble created by limiting beliefs and distorted views.

When this bubble burst for Brian, his new found success formula was created. Brian’s coaching Q7Process now impacts executives and entrepreneurs around the world to previously unimaginable levels of success and happiness.

Recent Awards:

  • Award-Winning Finalist in the ‘Self-Help: Motivational’ category of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News
  • Award-Winning Finalist in the Motivational category of the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
  • Amazon rated The Business of Wanting More a Bestseller in the Leadership Category


“Success in the business world is often hard to achieve, and there are those who feel they must sacrifice everything to attain it. The Business of Wanting More is an inspirational read of being in business and life from Brian Gast, as he shares his own business journey of success and failure, and realizing what he ultimately wanted out of his career, and how he achieved it. The Business of Wanting More is a must for inspirational business management collections, highly recommended.”
-Midwest Book Review
“Categorizing Brian Gast’s inspirational work as a “business book” undersells its universally applicable message. Unafraid to share his own uncertainty and pain, the author reveals a vulnerability that makes his story particularly poignant. Gast lays out a process he calls “Q7,” which combines four personal “quadrants” (feeling, acting, thinking, being) with seven steps to fulfillment. All along the way, Gast includes anecdotes about other business owners who faced similar challenges, exercises to put each step to work, helpful illustrations, and pointed questions that will make the reader stop and think about the direction of his or her life. For those business owners and executives who have questioned why their perceived success has left them wanting—and for anyone who wonders how to lead a more fulfilling life—Brian Gast’s formula is likely to be a winning one.”
“High achievers make their way to the top of companies and organizations, but they tend to be appreciated for what they do and not who they are, and they tend to discover that it is lonely at the top, according to Brian Gast in this book. In response to feeling vulnerable, they encase themselves in a bubble which protects them from emotional pain but at the same time distorts reality, resists growth and prevents fulfillment.The book describes the author’s painful personal journey through highly successful start-up companies to high profile crashes, making and losing two substantial fortunes before coming to terms with his own reality distortions and discovering that he had to face a number of internal issues in order to achieve a more realistic and more personally rewarding outlook on life.According to the author, we have four core needs which have to be satisfied in order for us to experience fulfillment: Acceptance, connection, purpose, and service. The majority of the book consists of a description of a seven step process for meeting these four core needs.One of the ironies of this type of book is that those who are most in need of the author’s advice are those who are the most unlikely to be aware of their need. If you have been wondering recently whether your life is all that it could be, this may be the book for you.”
-John Gibb, top reviewer on

What Others Are Saying:

“Brian is an exceptional executive coach, and The Business of Wanting More brings to life the foundation and framework for all the work we’ve done together. He has a gift for breaking through the clutter of assumptions, misperceptions, and seemingly logical but incorrect belief systems that so many of us live with. The resulting clarity creates an opportunity for success and fulfillment at a new and higher plane than I ever thought possible.”
—Bill Hughson, Chief Executive Officer, IntegraMed America, Inc

The Business of Wanting More is for anyone who has worked hard and made sacrifices to achieve their career ambitions only to discover that what they were seeking left them empty, unfulfilled, and lost. In writing this deeply personal book, Brian Gast is writing for an audience—the successfully unhappy—that has been largely ignored and not talked about in business and management publishing. Interview the many commuters on the trains, planes, and busses into and out of any big city, and you’ll find that Brian’s story will resonate with them. As a former coaching client, I can attest to the profound personal and professional impact of being led by Brian through the transformative steps described in this book.”
—BrianWatson, Ph.D. Former Global Head, Operational Excellence and Capability Development, Credit Suisse

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This book will recharge and refresh you as you learn to:

  • Integrate Your Leadership with a Whole-Life View
  • Tap Unused Skills to Play a Bigger Game
  • Respond to High-Stress Situations and Generate Powerful Results
  • Create a Road Map to Success and Fulfillment
  • Get MORE of What You (Really) Want!

If you’re looking for greater leadership capacity; if you have the courage to take risks and desire to tap greater levels of creativity, you won’t be able to put down The Business of Wanting More.

You’ll be laughing as you recognize yourself and feel engaged as you learn about yourself by moving through the innovative Q7 Process to realize fulfillment. Finally, you will be sighing with relief at finding the clarity you need to achieve the life and work you’ve always wanted but never really believed you could have.

Summarize your success with the minibook:
The Business of Wanting More: The Secret to Fulfillment

What is the key to fulfillment? Actually there are four ingredients to fulfillment and they build on one another. They are self-acceptance, connection, purpose and service. Too often, high achievers confuse success with fulfillment and wonder why more and more success doesn’t lead to fulfillment. In fact, success can lead you away from the very things you value most. The Business of Wanting More: The Secret to Fulfillment will help you understand how to set your life up to have fulfillment as well as success. This short book starts by explaining why we often seek more and more of what we don’t really need.

Author Brian Gast spent years searching for fulfillment in all the wrong places only to find that it was not far away. In the process of his search, Gast made and lost $50 million. He then rebuilt a successful life, this time leading with a focus on a fulfilling life.

The Business of Wanting More: The Secret to Fulfillment is an excerpt from and summary of the core theme in Gast’s best-selling book, The Business of Wanting More: Why Some Executives Move from Success to Fulfillment and Others Don’t.


$18.95 $15.95
The Business of Wanting More: Why Some Executives Move from Success to Fulfillment and Others Don’t
Hard Cover

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