Transformational Forum Testimonials


With Transformational Forum, I was able to engage in a deeper discussion in one day, with a group of YPOers I just met, than I was able to have in my ten-year-old forum.

Andrew Larson
Forum Officer, Rocky Mountain Chapter


At Transformational Forum Training I learned and practiced the secret formula for making a forum transformational. I now know why the protocols in the original moderator training were established. Great Experience!

Kenny Robison
Louisiana Chapter


After feeling that forum had been a bit flat for a while, I now feel ownership in revamping the experience for me and my forum. Thank you, Brian.

Christian Holmeson


In the short time we spent together in our break-out group, the tools we learned enabled us to very quickly delve into some very deep, emotional topics and experience vulnerability and shared experiences. The time we spent together was very enriching.

Kevin Mitchell
In-Coming Moderator, Colorado Chapter


Transformational Forum is a catalyst for kick-starting the deeper sharing and vulnerability that we all said we wanted. The material is already resident within us—we just needed help unlocking it.

Jason Lockwood,
Colorado Chapter


I am excited about what Transformational Forum can bring to my forum. This new process helps to engage all forum members in addition to benefiting each member versus just the presenter.

Forum Member, Rocky Mountain Chapter