I think many people were waiting for the election to be behind them. We assumed that things would change and life would go on again and we could make decisions and take action. That hasn’t really happened has it?

Here are two reasons why you are still anxious:

  1. Uncertainty remains and will for many years – get used to it, get over it.
  2. While you and I were preparing to let go of our worry on November 7, teams of people in every news outlet in the country (with the possible exception of the Christian Science Monitor) were doing something else. They were planning for what they would talk about after the election hype was over. These teams were busy plotting what fear they could stimulate next. For the moment it looks like the Fiscal Cliff. Really, how much can you say about that?

I’m not sure if I am insane and that’s why I keep watching news or I’m insane because of watching the news.

It’s time for a media fast. No more CNN, CNBC, WSJ, or talk radio (I don’t read a daily paper) until after Thanksgiving!

I am replacing this toxic intake with music, movies, good books, and poetry.

Of course, this is easier said than done. This media stuff is a soft addiction of mine. I have to consistently remind myself and even ask for support from my family to stay on course. There is no practical reason to read or watch any of these reruns and the hangover is visceral.

Join me. The holiday season will be zany enough.