YPO Members: Chapter Retreats


Since 2000, Brian has worked with YPO as a retreat and chapter event resource and trainer supporting YPO members and their spouses.

Brian’s unique background as facilitator and coach and keynoter, combined with twelve years as a CEO and seven years as a YPO member, contributes to consistent ratings of nines and tens!

Chapter Events

Brian Gast is a dynamic keynoter and emcee who will create an action-packed, fun-filled chapter event or retreat for chapters seeking to build stronger community among their members and/or provide growth experiences for their members. These programs are perfect for chapters seeking to take the value of their chapter to the next level, chapters with a lot of new members coming in, or where attendance at chapter events has fallen and connections across chapter members has weakened.

Forum Stir Fry

Brian facilitates a highly-rated chapter event called Forum Stir Fry. This event is a great way to create new and deeper connections across your chapter. It can be done on a President’s Retreat with members only or at a monthly chapter meeting. The event lasts approximately 90 minutes. It opens with a quick reminder of forum protocol and that we will use what we know and value, the forum experience, on a chapter level.

The event then launches with an organic mixing of attendees who have a series of short, meaningful conversations. Brian guides the group with thought-provoking ice-breakers that get more interesting as the event goes on. Eventually virtual forums are created which allow members and spouses to experience the sharing, insight, and support that only YPO can provide.

An event is guaranteed to result in new friendships, deeper existing connections, and personal take-home value.

Growth and Connection Using the Enneagram

This chapter event (members only or members and spouses) increases self-awareness and self-mastery while connecting chapter members. The event begins with an introduction to the Enneagram, a powerful personality system that accurately describes your personality structure and, more importantly, creates a pathway to development that allows you to leave old, limiting behaviors and thinking styles behind.

Attendees will then learn their Enneagram “type” and connect with fellow members and spouses who have similar types to deepen their self-awareness. All attendees will get an opportunity to learn each other’s types and have fun with applying the Enneagram to the relationship, leadership, and parenting challenges we regularly face. The event will be custom-designed to focus on applications most relevant to your chapter.

In this 90-minute event, attendees will learn about themselves as well as other chapter members, and they will be able to take home an understanding of the Enneagram system to apply in a variety of personal and professional situations.

Read What YPO Members are Saying About Brian

  • Brian is a great facilitator. He allowed us to continue growing on our forum journey. Hands down the best facilitator I’ve had in 15 years in YPO.
    YPO Member, Mid-Atlantic Region
  • During our Forum Week we trained new members, spouses, young adults and had four sessions with all forum members in YPO in our chapter. Everyone loved the sessions and Brian performed beautifully. What a great resource. I am confident in recommending Brian to anyone looking for a high quality leader.
    William Meder
    YPO Forum Officer – Quebec Chapter
  • We engaged Brian as a resource for our annual forum retreat, and are extremely glad that we did.  Over the course of two half day sessions, Brian led forum discussions and exercises which have improved forum dynamics and also provided individual enlightenment for each member.  Additionally, he did his research upfront and was very good at connecting with each member and making the discussions relevant and personal.  I have received very positive feedback from every forum member regarding Brian’s work with us, and we have had follow-up discussions at our monthly meetings post-retreat to help ensure that we leverage the learning from our time spent with Brian.
    Ken Jones
    YPO Member, Kansas City
  • My YPO Forum has worked with Brian six times over the past eight years, and each time has found tremendous value in his facilitation of our retreats. Brian is an effective listener, facilitator and coach. Not only has he helped each of us grow personally, but he has left us with tools to improve the performance of our group.
    Neal Simon
    US Capital Chapter Forum Moderator

  • In my Forum Moderator Leadership Training with Brian Gast a large topic was managed in a very thoughtful and succinct way, while remaining open to individual questions/needs. The forum meeting in the second half was excellent.
    Forum Moderator, Colorado Chapter
  • Thank you Brian for helping our forum. I think it has made a world of difference in taking us to the “transformational level.”
    Forum Moderator, Southern California
  • Brian lead our forum through tough conversations that we weren’t sure of how to have.
    Forum Moderator, Rocky Mountain
  • Brian has amazing skills in negotiating tricky issues within a forum. His insights and examples of moderator leadership will be pivotal for the health and continuation of our forum.
    Forum Moderator, Colorado Chapter
  • Brian facilitated great discussion between the members of our group which allowed us to learn about one another and explore solutions to our own hurdles. He provided useful activities, shared interesting personal experiences and left us with accountability exercises to encourage ongoing success in our area of focus. Over all it was a very productive weekend and I left feeling encouraged and inspired and I’ve quickly put his gratitude practices to work at home and in the office.
    Forum Moderator, Bermuda Chapter
  • I felt Brian gave us a clear understanding of how forum works in its most beneficial way. He was also able to get us all to dive deep in a short time. Which in turn gave us all the opportunity to make quicker and more meaningful bonds.
    Forum Moderator, New Regional Spouse Forum
  • Our forum experienced Brian Gast’s Q7 Leadership Development Program in our retreat this year. It was an outstanding and transformational experience. I left the retreat with a much better understanding of who I am and what fundamental beliefs guide my thinking and motivate my behavior. Brian Gast’s high energy, enthusiasm and unadulterated interest in and deep understanding of each participant as an individual, is remarkable. The Q7 Leadership Program is far and away the most insightful, fun and useful leadership program I have ever participated in; it is incisive, experiential and incredibly enlightening. It should be mandatory for every leader.
    John S. Bank
    Chicago Forum member

  • Brian is an attuned and a gifted facilitator. He is centered which makes him extremely effective, trustworthy and able to get at the group and individual awareness and truth.
    Kansas City Forum member

  • Brian was authentic and real. He was prepared and had a good pulse on our group. Brian worked appropriately to keep us engaged and the results were excellent.
    Colorado Chapter Forum member