People who give inspire me. I have struggled with my own blocks to giving. I often guard my time, ideas and money as if I am down to my last minute, proprietary thought or nickel.

I have a lot of fancy rationalizations as to why I hold back yet I know this pattern runs deep in me. When I am not conscious, I give entirely on my terms; I hold back because I think everything is scarce.

The deeper truth is that giving is vulnerable. The vulnerability blocks us from giving. We have hidden beliefs that tell us that we could get hurt if we give, we could look like a fool, we could take our eye off the process of getting and accumulating. Yet to not give or to hold back in one area means we’re probably holding back in many areas. For example, if we don’t give money we don’t give time or attention or love.

In the course of writing my book I have had a lot of help. I have been blown away by the value I have received from people helping me for no financial benefit—I call these people my angels. I bet you have angels in your life as well.

Bob Tipton is one of my angels. Bob is a speaker, writer and consultant who just published Jump!, a book on successfully managing personal and business change. This book is well written and will be hot if you are managing some sort of change. Click here for a copy or to sign up for one of his webinars. Bob hardly knows me and yet has given away as much knowledge, time and insight on writing and publishing as I will take.

I am grateful but also inspired by Bob to work more on my blocks to giving and being more conscious when I say no.

What would your life be like if you dedicated it entirely to giving? I can see many benefits. Maybe a block to giving is also a block to living.