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Employee Engagement – Nature or Nurture?

February 23, 2016 | By | Add a Comment

Are engaged employees found, or made? A couple of recent articles on employee engagement have me thinking that many employees are engaged by nature and it’s not the organizational system that engages them (or doesn’t). Employee Engagement Isn’t Getting Better and Gallup Shares the Surprising Reasons Why, by Mark C Crowley, tells us that, despite our best efforts, growth in engagement has remained flat, with apathy and discontent among the workforce relatively constant. How Southwest Airlines Hires Such Dedicated People, by Julie Weber, provides far more hope for developing a fully engaged workforce. She explains it like this: “That’s because we view engagement as a two-way street. Yes, an employer must work to keep employees engaged by offering good pay […]

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Engaged Leaders Create Engaged Employees

September 15, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

What is it that inspires people to “Go the extra mile” for your company, and for you? There are essentially three types of employees: engaged, non-engaged, and actively disengaged. Below are brief profiles of each type of employee: Engaged employees work with true passion. They feel a deep connection to their company. Engaged employees drive innovation, are extremely productive, and are a driving force for moving the organization forward. The goals of engaged employees are in line with the goals of the company. Non-engaged employees have essentially “clocked out” of their jobs. These people are merely going through the motions, simply putting in their time, without real energy or commitment to the company. Actively disengaged employees are far more than […]

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